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Article: Everything You Need To Know About GoodWeave

GoodWeave Charity Label - Coates & Warner

Everything You Need To Know About GoodWeave

Who Are GoodWeave?

GoodWeave is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to ending child labour, forced labour, and bonded labour in global textile supply chains. Founded in 1994 by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, the organisation has rescued over 8,000 from child labor and ensured a fair workplace for over 93,000 workers. GoodWeave aim to heel and educate children removed from forced labor and to date has provided an education to over 44,000 children.

GoodWeave licensed manufacturers must meet the requirements of the GoodWeave Standard in order to use the label on their products; ensuring that workplace health and safety practices are adhered to, a fair living wage is paid, working hours are respectable and a fair disciplinary practice is in place.

GoodWeave audit certified manufacturers on a regular basis, with members of their team making unannounced inspections of all production facilities to check standards are being met.

How does the GoodWeave label work?

Most labels on products tell you what you are buying, GoodWeave labels tell you what you are doing. GoodWeave currently partners with 350 certified manufacturers globally and through regular auditing can ensure manufacturers are adhering to their standards, which enables them to showcase the GoodWeave label on their products. 

The GoodWeave label on products guarantees the following:

  • No child labor was used in the production of the product
  • No forced or bonded labor was used
  • A fair living wage has been paid to the workers
  • Health and safety practices are instilled into the factory
  • Workers are free of external pressure and are treated equally
  • A fair disciplinary practice is in place for workers
  • Workplace conditions are documented and verifiable
  • Quality control measures are in place for the textiles produced
  • Any subcontractors used by producers must also be certified by GoodWeave
GoodWeave Label - Coates & Warner

Which countries do GoodWeave operate in?

GoodWeave comprises of country offices and certified producers in Afghanistan, India and Nepal. The organisation provides their label to products sold across Europe and North America and has consumer country programmes in the United Kingdom, USA and Germany

Which Coates & Warner products are GoodWeave certified?

Where possible, we try to source all of our rugs and kilim cushions from either GoodWeave licensed suppliers, or suppliers who are working towards the GoodWeave accreditation. You will find a GoodWeave certified label on the back of these products with a unique identifying code, which can be used by GoodWeave to trace the origin on the product. 

We are proud to support this pioneering charity that seeks to end child labour in textile weaving and to help educate and develop textile weaving communities. For more information on GoodWeave please visit