5 Ways To Beat The Winter Chill


Winter, the coldest season of all. We have felt plunging temperatures and icy weather so far this year.
Luckily we have everything you need to escape those wintery nights.
So let's get warm with these 5 hot tips...



1. Home Comforts

Take the chill off and fall back into one of our gorgeous cushions. Each one is handmade by us in Britain and filled with a 100% duck feather pad. Making your cushions incredibly soft and looking plump!

(Featuring our Nancy Blue square cushion & Admiral Blue rectangular cushion)

Blankets Range.jpg

2. Textures

Cuddle up under one of our Scandinavian style blankets. These soft and cosy blankets make great sofa throws and blankets for the bedroom. They are all handwoven from approximately 50 recycled plastic bottles! Why not try mixing different styles together for an ever cosier result? The blankets also sit perfectly with our cushions.

Hot Chocolate.jpg

3. Hug In A Mug

A hot drink is like a hug from the inside... well that's what we like to think! With your favourite drink (ours is a hot chocolate) wrap your hands around the mug and go to your favourite place to relax!

(Featuring our Charcoal Tall Stoneware Mug)

Banana Cake.jpg

4. Heart Warming Recipe

There's nothing better than baking one of your favourite bakes- a banana loaf is a firm favourite of ours! We like to cut ours into thick slices and toast each side under the grill to make it utterly delicious.

(Featuring our Dew Drop Short Ceramic Mug)

Raindrop Dry Rose Lit.jpg

5. Light A Candle

Lighting a candle creates softness in a room and can instantly make you feel that little bit warmer. It also creates the perfect atmosphere. Shop our candle collection here.