Pancake Recipe Ideas

PANCAKE DAY is upon us! They are fluffy and delicious and the best thing about them is whether you like them sweet or savoury, there is something for everyone to enjoy- breakfast, lunch or dinner!

It's time to get your frying pans out, whisk some eggs, put your flipping skills to the test and indulge in a stack of hot pancakes with your favourite toppings! Below we share with you two recipes; the classic, foolproof recipe and an alternative healthier version, both of which we love and will be indulging in on the day!


Happy Flipping!

The Classic or The Alternative, which pancake are you?


What you will need:

- 110g plain flour
- pinch of salt
- 2 large eggs
- 200ml semi-skimmed milk mixed with 75ml of water
- 50g butter

Toppings we like to added:
- sprinkling of sugar
- squeeze of a lemon slice
- drizzle of golden syrup

You need your pan to be hot, but not too hot for your butter to burn. Sifting your flour really does make a difference!



What you will need:

- 1 large banana
- 2 medium eggs
- pinch of baking powder
- splash of vanilla extract
- 1tsp coconut oil

Toppings we like to added:
- Natural fat free yogurt
- Crushed blueberries

Mash the banana in a bowl until it resembles a thick purée. Stir in the eggs, baking powder and vanilla extract. Make sure the coconut oil is hot before spooning in the batter.


The Topping

It's up to you which toppings you pile onto your pancakes. Experimenting is all part of the fun, so don't be afraid to mix your toppings. But we'd say the classic of sugar, lemon and golden syrup will always be a firm favourite of ours.

13th February