Balkan Kilim Rug

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The flatweave Balkan Kilim Rug is made using a traditional handloom technique, creating a beautiful contemporary geometric design. Made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, the flat weave is exceptionally hardwearing whilst stylish. Its high wool content provides a softer, richer feel and permits deeper, vibrant colours to come through. Featuring tones of black, vibrant red, deep orange and green. 

This rug is GoodWeave certified and we are proud to support this pioneering charity that seeks to end child labour in rug and cushion weaving, alongside helping to educate and develop weaving communities.

Product Information

Size: Length 270m x Width 180cm

Materials: 80% wool and 20% cotton

Care Instructions: This rug is not washing machine safe, dry clean only.

Additional Information: This rug is handmade by skilled artisans on a Fair Trade basis in India. The rug is GoodWeave certified meaning that no child labour was used during its manufacture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this rug made from?

The Balkan Kilim Rug is made from 80% pure wool & 20% natural cotton. Its high wool content allows vibrancy and depth of colour to come through during the dying process. 

What makes this rug Fair Trade?

This rug is handmade on by skilled artisans in India who are paid a fair, living wage for their work, enabling them to afford life essentials such as food, accommodation, healthcare and education. 

What does GoodWeave mean?

This rug is GoodWeave certified. The GoodWeave label means that no child, forced or bonded labour was used in the making of this rug and by purchasing this rug you support programs that educate children and ensure decent work for adults. Each rug comes with a GoodWeave label featuring a unique item number, which can be used to trace its origin. For every rug purchased by Coates & Warner, a percentage of the value goes back into GoodWeave and the communities where rugs are made.

How do I clean this rug?

Due to the high wool content of this rug, we recommend that it is dry cleaned only. These instructions are for guidance only. Please note, if this rug changes in colour, size or texture after cleaning; Coates & Warner is under no obligation to repair, exchange or provide a refund for the product.

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