Chrome Fox Door Knocker

Chrome Fox Door Knocker


This beautiful shiny Chrome Fox Door Knocker is a traditional countryside door knocker that is made in Britain using traditional casting methods. Each door knocker is hand polished and chrome plated. The knocker hinge is located at the head of the fox which strikes against the body. This is a fun door knocker that will make visitors to your home smile!

Size - L25 x W9.5cm

Material - Chrome plated

Finish - Polished chrome finish that is hard wearing and durable.

Fixing Information - This door knocker is attached to the door with 2 provided screws, one through the tail and one through the body. Suitable for wooden, PVCu and composite doors.

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Brass Fox Door Knocker FAQ

Is this door knocker suitable for a composite PVCu door?

Our solid brass fox door knocker can be attached to any door, including; PVCu, composite or wooden doors. We recommend that you check with the manufacturer of your door as fitting a door knocker may void the warranty.

Are the fixings supplied with this door knocker?

Yes, we provide two brass screws that can be used to fix this door knocker to your door.

Will this door knocker age over time?

This fox door knocker is produced from solid brass and features a unlacquered finish, as result this door knocker will age naturally over time and take on a duller finish. We recommend that every 3 to 6 months you clean it using a suitable brass polish, such as Brasso, to maintain its polished finish.

How do I fit this door knocker?

The fox door knocker can be fixed to the door using brass screws from the front, with no fixings visible on the inside of the door. To fit this door knocker to your chosen door; mark on your door where you’d like the screws to be with a pencil, drill small guide holes and then screw in the brass screws. Read our full guide on how to fit a door knocker for more information and a step by step guide.

Do you deliver this door knocker to countries outside of the UK?

Yes, we ship our complete door knocker range to a various European, North American and Australasia countries. During checkout, select your country and the cost of delivery will be updated. To browse all delivery charges and a full list of countries we ship to, read our delivery policy.