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Kilim Rugs

Discover our collection of ethically produced, GoodWeave certified modern kilim rugs. Each kilim rug in our collection is handloomed by skilled artisans, making each rug wonderfully unique, bursting with character and charm. Kilim rugs are hardwearing, durable and beautifully colourful making them the perfect addition to any home.

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Arzu Red Kilim Rug 180cm x 120cm - Coates & WarnerArzu Red Kilim Rug 120cm x 75cm - Coates & Warner
Arzu Red Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £85.00
Zahir Tribal Kilim Rug 180cm x 120cm - Coates & WarnerZahir Tribal Kilim Rug 240cm x 150cm - Coates & Warner
Zahir Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £120.00
Sold outDina Dark Kilim RugDina Dark Kilim Rug
Dina Dark Kilim Rug Sale price£175.00
Dina Light Kilim RugDina Light Kilim Rug
Dina Light Kilim Rug Sale price£175.00
Ada Kilim RugAda Kilim Rug
Ada Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £225.00
Altan Kilim RugAltan Kilim Rug
Altan Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £225.00
NewKarima Kilim RugKarima Kilim Rug
Karima Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £210.00
Mourouj Kilim RugMourouj Kilim Rug
Mourouj Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £210.00
SaleManisa Kilim RugManisa Kilim Rug
Manisa Kilim Rug Sale priceFrom £170.00 Regular price£200.00
Kilim Weave Close Up - Coates & Warner
Kilim Rug Being Woven - Coates & Warner

What is Kilim?

Kilim (sometimes written as Kelim) is a flat tapestry-woven material traditionally used for rugs, floor coverings our prayer mats. Kilim rugs are 'flat' instead of having a 'pile' like many modern rugs. They are commonly made from wool, however in recent years some weavers have been replacing wool with cotton as this tends to give a stronger and more secure foundation for the rug. Kilim rugs are made by interweaving the warps threads and weft threads on looms, using traditional kilim techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Kilim originates from countries in the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia; however much of the worlds kilim is now produced in countries including India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Handloom Kilim Rugs - Coates & Warner
Rustic Kilim Loom - Coates & Warner

Handloom & Handwoven

The skills needs to produce a kilim rug have been passed down through generations and our kilims are still produced using traditional, eco-friendly handlooms. These looms are operated by hand without the need for power. Handlooms produce a wonderful and authentic artisan product that should not be confused with mass produced machine made rugs. Each rug is unique and completely handwoven.

Dina Light Kilim Rug Close Up - Coates & Warner
Arzu Kilim Rug Close Up - Coates & Warner

The benefits of Kilim rugs

Kilim rugs often feature bright and vibrant colours that are combined with geometric designs; creating bold yet beautiful rugs. Kilim rugs can add colour and vibrancy to a room, whilst the flatweave nature of kilim rugs and the natural materials used in them result in kilim being incredibly durable.

Many thicker rugs that feature a 'pile' are breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites. With a kilim rug your home will be free from much of the common dirt that hides in traditional rugs thanks to the flat design and lack of piles. For pet owners, this can be a relief as pet's hairs can inbed themselves into piled rugs and carpets and be difficult to remove even with a vacuum cleaner. Kilim rugs can be easily vacuumed, beaten or swept to remove dirt.

Artisanal Handlooming Kilim Rug - Coates & Warner

Why we love Kilim rugs

We love that kilim rugs are bursting with character and that each rug reflects the skills of the highly practiced artisan weavers that made them. We personally have kilim rugs across our own home as they're fantastically durable and hardwearing, making them perfect for high traffic areas in your home. We do however recommend using a nonslip rug pad under a kilim rug, both for comfort and for antislip properties. As kilim rugs do not have a deep pile and are flat, they can be a little slippy on wooden floors.

GoodWeave Kilim Rugs - Coates & Warner

Our Kilim rugs are GoodWeave Certified

All of our kilim rugs come from either GoodWeave licensed suppliers or from suppliers who are working towards GoodWeave accreditation. We are proud to support this pioneering charity that works to end child labour in rug weaving and to help educate and develop rug weaving communities. On each kilim rug you'll find the GoodWeave certified label on the reverse, featuring a unique identifying code which can be used by GoodWeave to trace the origin on the product. 

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