Hand Carved Wooden Coffee Scoop


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These wooden coffee scoops are a beauty and the perfect addition to any coffee lover's kitchen! Hand carved by the talented Ryan from GreenGrapes, he uses only sustainable and locally sourced oak and walnut to create his pieces. The sourced material determines the outcome and aesthetic of each piece, making everything truly unique.

Product Information

Approx Size Scoop: Width 4cm x Length 4.5cm x Depth 2.5cm
Approx Size Handle: Width 1cm x Length 13cm x Depth 1cm

Material: Oak / Walnut

Care Instructions: Due to these scoops being made from natural wood, they will benefit from being left in with your coffee. Not only will it smell great, but will absorb the natural oils and keep your scoop looking beautiful. Therefore, we advise to refrain from washing, as the coffee oils will naturally protect your scoop.

If your scoop requires cleaning, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth. Never soak your wooden objects, or use soap as this will damage and warp the wood.

Additional Information: As these items are handmade the exact size, colour and grain of the wood will vary. 

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