Brass Fox Cub Door Knocker


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This little Fox Cub Door Knocker is a traditional vintage-style door knocker that is made in Britain using traditional casting methods. Each door knocker is hand polished and unlacquered. The knocker hinge is located at the head of the fox which strikes against its small body. A lovely little door knocker that will be a welcome sight to all visitors!

Product Information

Overall Size: Length 15cm x Width 6cm x Depth 5cm
Striking Plate Size: Length 15cm x 6cm x Depth 1cm

Materials: Solid brass

Finish: Polished unlacquered finish, the brass takes on a vintage finish over time

Fixing Information: This door knocker can be screwed to the door using the two screws provided. The screw holes are approximately 2.5cm apart vertically. No fixings will be visible on the inside of the door. Suitable for wooden, PVCu and composite doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this door knocker suitable for a composite PVCu door?

Yes, our brass small fox cub door knocker can be fitted to composite PVCu doors as well as wooden doors. However, we recommend that you check with the door manufacturer as fitting a door knocker may void the warranty.

Will this door knocker age over time?

This small fox cub door knocker is manufactured from solid brass and features an unlacquered finish, meaning that over time this door knocker will age naturally and take on a duller finish. To maintain this door knocker's polished finished, we recommend that every 3 to 6 months you clean it using suitable brass polish, for example, Brasso. 

Are the fixings supplied with this door knocker?

Yes, we provide two screws with this door knocker that can be used to fix it your door. The screws provided match the brass finish of the fox cub door knocker and are not visible once fitted to your door. 

How do I fit this fox cub door knocker?

Fitting our small fox cub door knocker is simple as it uses a surface mount fixing. This method of fixing involves screwing the door knocker into the door from the front, with no fixings visible from the inside face of the door. To fit this door knocker; mark on your door where you’d like the screws to be with a pencil, drill small guide holes and then screw in the screws provided. Read our full guide on how to fit a door knocker for more information and a step-by-step guide.

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