Oak Garden Twine Holder With Cutter


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Designed and made by Creamore Mill, this twine holder features a built-in blade to cut your desired lengths of jute twine, meaning you can easily cut the twine without the need for scissors or a knife. The holder has a wide flat bottom keeping the twine clean and upright. Each stand is made from solid oak and is supplied with a ball of natural jute twine measuring 140m. The twine supplied is made from natural plant fibres and is biodegradable, so can be left in with garden waste to be added to your compost.

If you need a top-up, we also stock the replacement Natural Jute Twine Ball.

Product Information

Size: Height 20cm x Diameter 12cm

Materials: Solid oak twine holder, natural jute twine.

Twine Length: 140 meters.

Instructions: Simply pull the twine from the centre, hold the twine firmly between two hands and snap it down into the blade slot to cut. 

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